Saturday, 6 September 2008

Reality Bites

I have been doing a lot of overtime at work for that last few weeks and so my CCIE written preparation has dropped off and so has my progress through the Internetwork Expert Volume 1 labs. I am not too worried about the Internetwork Expert Labs as I thought I could concentrate more on them when I pass my written. That is if I pass my written, as I do not feel like I will pass at the moment. I think I have seriously been underestimating the written exam as I thought ah no worries the CCIE written consists of the material from the entire CCNP rolled into one exam, should be no problem. However I have been doing some NetMaster Class written practice exams today and having my arse kicked. Some of it has been down to stupid mistakes but I cannot believe how much stuff that I have forgotten that I learnt for my CCNP. I mean a lot of it is probably useless facts but that is what Cisco tends to ask you in these exams. Anyhow I have till about Wednesday to see how I feel, and if things are still not going well then I will have to postpone the written again. It is highly annoying having to continually postpone, but hey I cannot afford to waste the exam fee.


Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean, currently I'm working through the official exam certification guide, all my CCNP books, old notes, Cisco courseware, etc. To be honest I cant believe how much content all of this is. In my opinion the topics when viewed individually aren't that challenging, and like myself I'm sure you've worked with/understood all of the concepts at one stage or another, the key really is remembering it all. That's why I've been working really hard on my summary notes, keeping them as short as possible, detailing just the facts and key commands.

So yeah, in short... you're not the only one struggling to get over this written exam challenge. Good luck I'm sure if we both keep on making progress and keep on working at this, we'll get it done.


The Ferret said...

hey you are a step ahead of me in that you are making notes. I still cannot get into the right frame of mind to make notes. I tend to try understand stuff then cram the stuff you have to memorize for the exam. At least the CCIE R&S Cert Guide is quite kind in that it points out key topics. Good luck with your written!