Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Questions Questions and more Questions

I am struggling a bit at the moment to get my studies to have some structure. I really want to nail the technologies before I move on to full scale labs but then I wonder if it is better to try out some of the easy labs and that will help identify my weaknesses. What did everyone else do? Does anyone think it is worthwhile trying a low difficulty full scale lab just to help identify my weaknesses or do you think I should know how to configure everything backwards before I even try a full multiprotocol lab?

I have also been having some problems getting Dynamips to work properly with the new IE volume 1 version 5 labs. Has anyone else got these to work ? The main problems I have is with the initial configs for the various labs and in particular the switches. I have modified the router interfaces and that is all fine but what do I need to do with the switch configs? I could probably look at the various labs and work it out but as that would take study time I would prefer the easy approach of finding out if anyone else had set it up and what they did. So if you know and are prepared to help then please let me know.

The other thing I wanted to know about is Nabrik's workbooks. I am probably fine with all the material I have at the moment and should not be spending anymore money on CCIE study materials in the current climate. However after all the good things I read about Nabrik, I wonder if it will be worth buying his workbooks. So if anyone has used them then please can you let me know what you think of them and if they are worth buying if you already have IPExpert and Internetwork Expert? Also what do people do with setting up their labs for Nabrik's workbooks can you do most of it in Dynamips, do you use your own equipment, or is there any good cheap rack rentals for them?


Barry said...


The only advice I could possibly give you is to utilize your own abilities to help sort out your study methods. Often times, I get complacent with the technical knowledge I possess. In order to learn the Cisco way of doing things, I've had to stop reading the books and jump into the labs to get the hands-on feeling out of my system. Depending on the tasks within the practice labs technology, if I had to reference the answer key too many times, I'll force myself to go back and read up on the technology.

Barry (aka bitbucket)

The Ferret said...

Cheers for the advice Barry I think I will start giving the labs a try just to see where I need to improve.

Starbuk said...

From the blogs I've been reading, quite a few ppl favour the multiple vendor approach.
I personally currently use the ipexpert bls, but at times I am tempted to get narbiks and Internetwork Experts workbooks...well I hope to attend a Narbik bootcamp when Im more prepared...but what i dont want to do is have SO much material at hand that it causes me to lose focus and prevent me making the progress I wish to make.
It is more than possible to pass just using the one vendor, but the key is to understand the technologies and be able to interpret what the question is asking of you.
However, ferret, seeing as you have both IE version 5 AND the bls, can I ask whether you find much of a difference in terms of whether it is "worth" getting the ie version 5 vol1 if you already have the bls?