Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Narbik Bootcamp

So I have been pretty busy with work and family to do much blog posting these days, but I do have one bit of news. I have decided to take the plunge take out a loan and book Narbik's boot camp in September. Hopefully it will give my CCIE studies the shot in the arm they require.

As it is my hard earned cash (well soon to be earned cash) that I am putting up for this boot camp any tips from anyone who has attended has for getting the most out of the experience would be gratefully received. Also does anyone know the laptop and software requirements for the boot camp?


Anonymous said...

Im guessing you will just need telnet on your laptop.

Enjoy the class

Anonymous said...

Before you spend your hard earned cash look into the CCIEFLYER.COM training offers. See

CCIE Apprentice said...

I am sure you will definately get the ROI you are looking for when you attend Narbik's bootcamp. I attended his bootcamp in december last year and it was great. i am planning to do a retake in October as well and then book my exam. In terms of your software requirements all you need is putty. one thing i would suggest is that once you are signed up for the course and he will send you the Soup to Nuts Workbook so you make sure you finish that workbook before your class. Good luck with your bootcamp.

CCIETalk said...

I know its tough when you have to take out loans for anything. I can tell you that once you walk out of his bootcamp you will be a different person. He will cover all the basics and then it will be up to you to become an expert. I think its worth it in the end. Just a laptop with ability to telnet to his racks. Rack Rentals are provided for free for the duration of the bootcamp along with all the great workbooks! If you have any more questions feel free to ask!

routeleaker said...


I've been before but I will prob be going again in Sep.

A laptop running any os will just need your telnet client of choice.
Bring along a pad and be good at shorthand if u can :)
My note taking just couldnt keep up last time!
A good approach is to review ur notes at the end of each day, & rewrite them so it makes sense!
You booked ur hotel yet?
I checked Harben House & its full already :|

Nickelby said...

A laptop with telnet is all you need although I strongly recommend SecureCRT (version with tabs).

If you want to have a feel on how his bootcamp is like, I have blogged it on my blog without being a spoiler to Narbik's labs :-)

Unicast me if you have more questions about his bootcamp. In short, it will be money well spent. You will NOT regret it.