Friday, 25 July 2008

Are Dynamips Days Numbered?

Are Dynamip's days numbered or will it be here for a long time yet? The reason this question popped into my head is reading on the superb IOS Hints and Tricks blog that the new IOS only supports one of the Dynamips platforms namely the 7200. Read the post here. That would be bad enough on it's own but then I read on the Network Ninja blog and Joe Harris's blog that Cisco is slowly planning to roll out it's software activation and licensing feature. So what does this all mean for Dynamips, are it's days numbered or will someone come up with a way to get round these obstacles? Not sure what will happen but I do think that it is definitely in Cisco's interest to allow people to access it's software for learning purposes. The more engineers that are trained in Cisco technologies the more potential customers Cisco will have. I have also seen rumors that Cisco has it's own emulation software that internal staff can use, so if they do and they kill Dynamips maybe they can release it to the community. If Richard or Joe or someone else who works for Cisco can confirm if they do have their own internal emulation software that would be most helpful :-)

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