Wednesday, 23 July 2008


I just logged into the IPExpert website again and found that I must have bought my version 9 workbooks when they introduced their investment protection. So I was pleasantly surprised to find the new version 10 workbooks as well. The new workbook has been divided into 2 workbooks (well 3 actually but I do not have access to volume 3). Volume 1 focuses on the core technologies and there are 22 labs to get you started. This is probably the workbook that I will focus on at the moment. I really need to schedule some rack time with Proctor labs and go through this workbook. The trouble is that at the moment I have not managed to agree a time with the wife that I can dedicate to labbing. I am hoping that I can find some time to agree an 8 hour lab slot once a week. The other problem is trying to synch up the time for a lab slot with the remote labs hosted in the States and me being in Europe it could get interesting. I am not the best without any sleep so I do not want to be starting my labbing at some ridiculous hour of the day. Anyhow I will post a review of the IPExpert version 10 workbooks when I have had a bit more chance to read through them and get some rack time.

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