Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Study Update 23/07/08

Things have not been going that well on the study front so far. My new job is exceptionally busy and I do not get as much downtime as I did in my previous job to do reading or watch the Internetwork Expert COD's. That said it has been a good change and I am enjoying it. New jobs however do not go well with CCIE study and on top of that my wife and son were sick, so I had to look after them. Also I need to find a quite place to study which is a bit of a problem at the moment as my desk is in the living room with the TV while some of our other rooms are out of action. Jeez that is a lot of excuses! Anyhow I am moving on with the Internetwork Expert BGP labs at the moment and making slow progress on gathering the required BGP theory. My plan is to really nail the core theory and configuration for the core routing protocols in time for my written exam. I plan to do this by using the Routing & Switching Exam Cert Guide, Routing TCP/IP vols 1 and 2 and Internet Routing Architectures. For the core config I am moving slowly through the Internetwork Volume 1 version 4.1 labs. Once I have completed this I plan on hitting the IPExpert core labs and then I will hit the Internetwork Expert Volume 1 version 5 labs which should be out by the time I finish this lot hell they even might be on version 6 if I take much longer. So a lot of work to do and not much time to do it in :-(

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