Monday, 21 July 2008

Study Plans

At the moment I am trying to work my way through understanding fully the major routing protocols. The plan is to really umderstand the major routing protocols before I take my written, which I hope to do at the end of August. I have read TCP/IP Volume 1 as well as the chapters on OSPF and EIGRP in the CCIE Certification Guide 3rd Edition. I have also worked my way through the OSPF and EIGRP sections in the Internetwork Expert Volume 1 Workbook. However at the moment I am working on BGP. Unfortunatly my BGP study plans did not go very well this weekend got caught up doing some decorating and watching the Springboks play Australia which was not good for my blood pressure :-) Hopefully though I will get back on track this week and manage to get through a few more of the BGP labs and solidify my understanding of BGP.

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