Thursday, 17 July 2008

Scott Morris and Internetwork Expert

Well it is old news but since I have only just started blogging Internetwork Expert have acquired Scott Morris. Now in the CCIE world this is big news hey in my little world this is pretty big news. Scott Morris was the first CCIE instructor I ever heard of mainly by reading his column in TCP mag. He was the reason the first materials I bought were from IPExpert. In fact to me Scott was IPExpert and from opinion I get from the other blogs and forums out there many other people saw him in the same way. So the news that he had moved was at that time pretty earth shaking in the CCIE training world. I wondered what would happen to IPExpert would they fold was Internetwork Expert going to be the thousand pound gorilla in the CCIE training world. Initially it seemed that IPExpert would indeed be fading away. However in recent weeks they seem to be generating a bit of a buzz well at least to me anyhow, I am starting to see more and more IPExpert banners on the blogs I read. They have come up with some great new products and ideas. The CCIE blogging site seems a great idea and from some of the stuff I have read their new blended learning solution seems pretty awesome. I also happened to find this blog Now he is not a CCIE trainer his blog says he is a CCIE training advisor but he does seem to have some pretty good ideas on marketing and hey if you are a good blogger and nice to him he is even offering you the chance to earn some freebies. He also has some pretty interesting posts up on his blog about the underside shall we say of the CCIE training market. Anyhow even if IPExpert have lost their glamour instructor they do seem to have some pretty cool ideas up their sleeves and if they can pull them off especially the CCIE blog/community thing I think they will cause a real stir in the market place.

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