Thursday, 17 July 2008

Study Materials

I have been toying with the idea of doing the CCIE for a little while now and have actually bought all my study materials already. I bought the old IPExpert Version 9 Workbook (not the new blended learning solution) at a time they had a sale on so I got the Proctor Guide, the Class on Demand and the Audio CD's. I was very impressed with the materials however I did not like the fact that the COD did not include actual footage of the command line in action, it was more a series of slides with a lecture and I felt the labs were a bit advanced for me. So in a moment of madness or when I was feeling rich with an intrest free credit card offer I also bought the Internetwork COD with the two workbooks. I still have to get ready for my written exam but I wanted to be doing some work on the CLI at the same time I was reading so I have been working through the Internetwork Expert Version 4.1 Workbook 1 as I read about a technology. I am still working through these labs and am waiting patiently for all the new Version 5 labs to be complete. Investment protection from Internetwork Expert has to be one of the best things about buying your materials from them, as it means that you have access to all the upgrades of the product you bought until you pass your CCIE. For someone like me who wants to retain their family (when they are good :-) ) and their job while they try and study for the CCIE investment protection was a major selling point.

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