Monday, 21 July 2008

Hectic Day

Today was a pretty hectic day in work. Things were going fine just had a few bits of QoS configurations to look through and then just as I wanted to go get some lunch all hell broke loose. My Networking Monitoring (NM) application on my machine hung so just as I was about to reboot my PC thinking it was a local problem, then other people started complaining that they could not access their servers. Soon after reports that certain users and several sites could not access their servers started to flood in. It was a really confusing problem we could ping our servers but no Telnet, or RDP access and as I do not have permissions to the servers anymore (I am fully a network guy now no touching servers anymore boo hoo :-( )I could not use the Remote Command Shell to try access any servers. The problem got even more weird when I discoved I could access our NM server again and that there were no alarms showing any network problems but my colleagues right next to me could not access the same server. I found it really frustrating not having full permissions anymore, in my previous job I could have tested up to the application layer by trying to jump on to a server with RDP or telneting on port 25 to an Exchange server. However no such luck anymore I am not the man anymore just another cog in a very big machine. So I am learning you have to really on other people and work much more as a team. I do miss my old job in situations like this but I needed a change and prehaps I was becoming a bit to much like that San Fran network admin who thought he owned the network so good thing I did not go down that road. Anyhow the problem was eventually tracked down to only affecting TCP traffic and after 5 hours the culprit was found. However it did mean I was starving to death and I am a grouchy boy when hungry and only eating after 3 in the afternoon is not good for my mood. It also ment I did not get to do any reading in my lunch hour and my luck did not change when I got home. My wife is sick and so is my child so it looks like any ideas about doing some reading at home are out the window as well :-( Oh well no one said this was going to be easy.

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