Thursday, 31 July 2008

IE removes Locklizard

I have just seen that Internetwork Expert have decided to remove the Locklizard PDF protection system from their products. This is due to their legitimate customers having problems accessing their products. I had a few problems accessing my products at first which was a bit frustrating but once they were sorted out then it has been smooth sailing. However from a Mac and Linux point of view then this is great news because Locklizard only works on Windows. I must say this is a brave move from IE and I hope the community rewards them by buying legitimate copies of their training material. I mean going for the CCIE in the first place is not cheap and I understand that if you speak to any of the training companies and can convince them that you really are hard up they might do you a deal. Also I have seen plenty of giveaways or scholarship programs from virtually all the major vendors. So lets hope this show of faith in their customers by IE does not hurt them to badly. Anyhow for the full post head here.

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