Tuesday, 19 August 2008

CCIE Shorts 19/08/08

Just seen a post at cciepursuit about Graded Labs introducing Workbook Scaffolding. I think I may have an email somewhere in the depths of my inbox about it. However cciepursuit does a pretty good job of explaining what it is so rather than re-inventing the wheel head over to his blog by clicking here to read more. It does look an awesome feature and it certainly will make rack rentals more attractive well it will for me. I plan to book some Internetwork Expert rack time in the coming months so when I do I will let you know how I get on.

Also I see Ted Romer passed his R&S CCIE so head on over to his blog by clicking here to congratulate him.

Colin McNamara posted an excellent presentation entitled "who moved my brain" so click here to go read it.

Greg at etherealmind posted about his blogging ethics and is looking for some feedback on them so give him some feedback by clicking here. I do not have any ethics so not really a post I could make :-) in fact my none of my posts could never compare to Greg's. In my opinion he writes some of the best opinion pieces on the web so if you have never been to his site I would really check it out.

Finally Networkers is being held in Johannesburg this year and Deon of Network Ninja has already booked his place. I would love to go to Networkers but I have never worked at a company who would pay for me to go. As it is in Johannesburg I would even be prepared to pay for the plane ticket as I could tie it in with a holiday to visit family. Hmm maybe I will have to try my luck at work and see how I get on.

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