Saturday, 30 August 2008

IP Expert Blended Learning Solution

My IPExpert Blended Learning Solution arrived today, well that is not strictly true as it was delivered yesterday but I was at work so missed delivery. I phoned up to find out about re-delivery and found out that the warehouse was open for collections on Saturday, but only till 11am. So I rushed across town trying to beat traffic found the warehouse and got my parcel just before the warehouse closed phew.

I was surprised how light and small the parcel* was, as the previous parcel I have received from IPExpert was pretty huge but then again that was the old CoD and printed manuals. At first I thought I had been given the wrong parcel, however I checked my name on the front and the fact that it had an IPExpert logo on it so it was definitely mine.
When I got home I removed the FedEx envelope and discovered an IPExpert branded box inside. Inside the box was a little note saying that the drive had been checked before shipment. There was some instructions for the drive itself which appears to be a diskGO EDGE 2.5" inch portable drive. As I picked up the drive it felt really light and I must say a little bit cheap. It comes with a double USB lead and although you do not need to plug in both USB connections on my Mac or any of my PC's.
The disk has options to run both a PC and Mac version of the software. When you start the software you get a menu screen as shown below.

The workbooks are not included on the hard disk you have to access these from your online account. This information on the drive tells you this is to ensure that you always have the latest versions of the workbook. When you click on the Video on Demand option you are presented with the screen below. Then when you start a video you get Scott Morris in all his glory :-) as shown below.
Finally be assured that unlike the previous version of the IPExpert Video on Demand you get to see the CLI utilized as well.

I intend to post notes on the various videos and I will do a review of the BLS when I have had more of a chance to use it.

(*I decided against using the word package due to all the unwanted attention it would bring to my blog ;-) - warning you might not understand this if you do not live in the UK)

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