Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Study Update 06/08/08

Work has calmed down a bit over the last two days so I have been able to get a bit more reading done. I am up to the configuration examples in Internet Routing Architectures and I actually think I made a mistake in just reading the book straight through. Even though the book refers you to the configuration examples when explaining the theory. I read the theory part straight through and have now arrived at the configuration examples. Anyhow at least I am making a little progress on the reading front although I will have to get a move on to finish reading the Certification Guide and Internet Routing Architectures by the end of this month. I also really need to learn how to do some proper notes and not rely on my memory as I have been doing up until this point.

On the lab front I am still working very slowly through the Internetwork Expert Volume 1 BGP labs and although they are quite simple I got stuck on one last night. I forced myself not to look at the answer when I thought I had configured everything right and struggled through trying to diagnose the fault myself. Although it took me a while to solve and I discovered that it was a typo after all, I did get some positives out of it. I got a chance to work on my trouble shooting skills.

I have to babysit some changes that are being made on our network tomorrow night and I have a hectic weekend with family coming up so there will probably not be much progress for the rest of this week. Any chance I do get I plan on trying to turn my BGP scribbles into some sort of proper notes.

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