Friday, 1 August 2008

Study Update 01/08/08

Well once again this has been a bit of a washout for me in terms of studying. Work has been pretty hectic, with quite a few hours of overtime and to top it all off my son has decided that he will stop sleeping through the night, so I am pretty tired at the moment. I am still struggling my way through Internet Routing Architectures whenever I get a spare minute to try and improve my understanding of BGP. I also had a read of RFC1998 which was very interesting for a RFC and is what our designers are planning on implementing at work. I have not had much chance to continue with the Internetwork Expert Volume 1 BGP labs but hopefully I can do at least two some time this weekend. Hmm I need less things to do in my life, family and CCIE's do not mix well :-)


Firstname said...

Ahh the joys of learning BGP, its good to hear someone else is going through this CCIE journey... I found that CBT Nugget's CCIE theory video's cover alot of the BGP basics. Best resource I've found though is the Cisco course ware.


The Ferret said...

Hi Zanetworking,

A fellow safa but then one who is still in safa land. Anyhow took a look at your blog, sweet will add it to my list. As for the Cisco course ware it is nice if you can get it but since I can't I have to trawl through the various Cisco press books. Anyhow good luck with your journey and hopefully we can help each other out along the way.