Thursday, 7 August 2008

Inside Cisco IOS Software Architecture

When I was browsing the Ciscopress website I saw that Inside Cisco IOS Software Architecture was under just released books. The published date was July 18th but it is still listed as the first edition. So I guess they are doing another publishing run and have not updated the book. Is this book still relevant as I am thinking of getting it? Thinking about it if it is being re-published then I guess there must be demand for it. So anyone who owns this book please let me know if it is worth buying.


stretch said...

I read the first edition not long ago. Despite its age much of the content is still very relevant. I'd recommend reading at least the first few chapters, discussing memory and process management, and the various switching methods. It's neat to think about IOS as, in fact, an OS.

The Ferret said...

cool thanks stretch all I needed was a recommendation so I think I will get it. How is you written prep going booked the exam yet?