Monday, 11 August 2008

New Blogs for CCIE's

Just seen Mike Down's post that Jared Scrivener the IPExpert instructor passed his third CCIE so congratulations to him. Dam I wish I could just pass one :-( He still has some catching up to do though if he wants to catch Brian Dennis of InternetworkExpert. Anyhow as well as passing his third CCIE he has also setup a blog, so go take a look by clicking here. I am sure there will be a lot of useful info on there very soon.

Also Mike posted about Emmanual Conde the CCIE recruitment agent who has setup a site the CCIEFLYER. It looks to have a lot of interesting articles which I will probably read in my lunch break tomorrow. That is if I am not running around a huge comms room trying to look for an LX GBIC which we will probably not have in stock. Anyhow I digress so check out Emmanual's site here.

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