Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Study Update 13/08/08

Have not had much of a chance to get any studying done today as work is exceptionally busy at the moment as I am preparing for a big network change this weekend. It looks like it is going to be an all weekend job, including working through Saturday night. The misses will not be best pleased as I will probably not be much use as I will be completely worn out when we finish. In fact the studying will not be best pleased either, although on a positive note the bank balance should improve once the over time payment makes it's way into my account. I feel a bit more positive today after reading through the struggles of a few other people on their blogs and I did get a chance to do a NetMasterClass practice exam which I got 73% on. I am okay with that score for the moment as I still have a few things I need to brush up on and I made quite a few silly mistakes. Anyhow lets hope I can survive the weekend and find some more time to type up my notes and get on with my studies.

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