Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The path ahead looks very long and hard indeed

Today has been a pretty hectic day and a soul destroying one in that. The path to my CCIE is looking very long and hard at the moment. Stuff that should be bread and butter for a CCIE is just not going into my head. The time I need to study just is not there, what with family commitments and work getting very busy again. At moments like this I do feel like giving up and I have only just started the journey. I remember reading a stat some where that only something like 3%* of the people who start out on the CCIE journey actually finish it. I have felt like this before when I was first doing my CCNA and I could not figure out the CiscoPress book or when I was doing my CCNP when I felt it each time I started studying for a new exam. My strategy for coping is to remind myself that I have felt like this before and it does eventually get easier and things fall into place. However at the moment this mind trick is not working. The stuff I read is just not sticking, stuff I learnt I have forgotten and now have to re-learn. Then just to top off my depression you meet people who passed their CCIE's a long time ago and have actually gone inactive because they do not rate the CCIE anymore. They can knock up scripts that can get a router to do anything you could ever want and produce project plans and documentation that is simply out of this world. I get stressed that I will never be as good as them and that my dream of one day working for myself will remain just that a dream. However I must pick myself up and get back on the horse tomorrow is a new day and I cannot afford to waste all that money I have sunk into training products.

* For some reason 3% sticks in my head but I could be wrong if anyone knows the correct stat please let me know.

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