Monday, 25 August 2008

Study Update 25/08/08

Studying this weekend has been non-existent due to helping out with some family issues. I managed to finish the Internetwork Expert Volume 1 BGP labs before the weekend which was good practice. I will go over some of the last labs again as I need to drum things like advertise-maps and as-sets into my head. I also have one more chapter in Internet Routing Architectures to read and will publish a review on the book when I have finished.

I have also decided to upgrade my IPExpert workbooks to the Blended Learning Solution as I will be going away in a few weeks and will probably not have Internet access. So I will not have access to my Internetwork Expert CoD as I only have the online version and not the DVD version. Also my IE CoD was playing up this morning as I could not get the CLI on the first IPv6 video to display. Since I had a couple of excuses to upgrade and decided to go for it. I will write up a review when the BLS arrives and have got round to using it.

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